How to be Productive at Work or Business

Take a break. Yes, that is the secret of productive employees.

Why Take a Break

While taking a break is often associated to being lazy or guilty by most people, a study from the Department of Psychology in the University of Illinois concluded that the brain tends to dismiss a thought as unimportant if it is constantly stimulated by that thought. Taking breaks from draining tasks can essentially increase your creativity and productivity.

When to Take a Break

All of us are strongly advised to take short breaks when finishing a long task. We are not robots. We are humans that run out of energy and so short breaks are a must for us to refill our energy level. It is suggested that we take a short break every hour throughout the workday. Of course, it will be best if it involves body movement.

What to Do During the Break

  • Take a nap – Not sure if you are still on the right track with your task. Take a nap. When you wake, you’ll notice improvement in your alertness and performance.
  • Stretch out – Sometimes, a little stretching is enough to get you going especially when you are short on time and you need to finish a task in an hour. Even just for a few seconds, take your eyes off the screen and stretch your arms and legs.
  • Walk around – When you rest, don’t just sit there and stare at the ceiling for a moment. Maximize your few minutes of rest by walking around the office. Doing so gets your mind off your task even just for a while and regulates the blood flow in your system.
  • Sing and dance – Singing and dancing can release inner tension caused by demanding tasks. Make sure you don’t let them consume your energies.