Harmful Drugs Stolen During Break-in

A loadful of harmful drugs was stolen from an animan hospital in Toronto.

Potentially harmful narcotics have been stolen from a Brampton Veterinarian Hospital.

Peel Regional Police investigators are advising the public that these drugs can be dangerous should they find their way into unsuspecting hands.

During the early morning hours of Saturday October 28, the Bramalea Animal Hospital on Torbram Road was broken into. During the break-in, a substantial amount of narcotics were stolen.

These narcotics are used during everyday procedures by the veterinarians in the treatment of animals.

Potentially harmful drugs including EUTHANSOL, PHENOBARBITAL, HYDROMORPHONE, RIVITROL, CODEINE, KETAMINE, and PHENTALYN will most likely be packaged in either a white plastic or clear glass container.

Peel Regional Police are advising the public to handle the drugs in a safe manner, and notify the Police immediately should you inadvertently come upon them.

It is also important for parents to educate their children on the risks of playing with potentially dangerous drugs.

The investigation into the break-in continues.