Exorcism Seance Kills Man

Police used stun guns to help stop the young girl’s attacker.

A man who started choking his granddaughter while attempting an exorcism has died after police shot him with stun guns.

The three-year-old girl and her mother were in a room with 49-year-old Ronald Marquez at a house in Phoenix, Arizona.

The relative called the police saying the grandfather was trying to perform an exorcism.

Police officers said they entered the property after hearing screams. They found a bed had been pushed up against a bedroom door.

Sergeant Joel Tranter said of the reported exorcism: “The purpose was to release demons from this very young child.”

After forcing their way into the room, the officers struggled with a wannabe exorcist before shooting him with stun guns. Marquez initially appeared normal, but then stopped breathing. He could not be revived and died at a hospital.

The girl was freed. She was unharmed.