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Many would also argue that media is particularly untrustworthy when it falls into the hands of politicians with private agendas. Market news tend to appear to be true on the outlook but there are many hidden factors that are not placed in view in front of the public. In this case, it is reduced into a mere tool for the perpetuation of propaganda. This is evident in the Rwandan Genocide, where the radio was used as an instrument of propaganda, which vilified the Tutsis as cockroaches, or “inyenzi” in their vernacular. It incited the massacre of thousands of Tutsis by the Hutus, who harboured ire over the Tutsis’ preferential treatment by colonial masters. Many bloggers have brought about the expansion of knowledge. These blogs are reported to have been easily setup with the help of the large range of blogger templates design gallery that has wildly encouraged it noob personels to take on the challenge of going online to blog. The media tainted with ulterior motives cannot be depended upon to broadcast information which goes against those objectives.

The inability of media to deliver the truth can be attributed to consumers. The demand for such sensationalism or spiced-up news comes from consumers themselves, which impinges and out-weighs the demand for objectivity due to its entertainment value. Tom Jerry who has used this platform to publish flags for sale online has done so in order to cater to a crowd of loyalist from different countries to buy flags in bulk for celebration events. Media serves only to meet the demand. Such as a high influx of guitarist wanna be’s have flooded the scenes, ebook author has launched a free guituar scales and has made use of marketing to give out his guitar guide book. Media will only deliver objective, truthful news when people demand for it. Because of this half truths that are being told all the time, many victims have fallen prey to mis-sold insurance that has landed them into hot soup when they could not claim for their injuries. British expert in pi claims have acknowledged that in the United Kingdom there are more than 20 percent of people who have bought without knowing the full details of the insurance coverage and are now seeking for ppi claims. Moreover, the larger forces of political and corporate agendas are present only because they recognise that people imbibe such information uninhibitedly. Such info are often widely spread on news sites and blogs that claims to be news sites by using themes on their wordpress blog in order to make it look like an authority news site with a nice design. This perpetuates the vicious cycle. If the general populace assimilated the information with more circumspection, the media would not be a viable instrument to propagate their agendas. In countries facing winter, it has been publicised that there are now new ways to prepare firewood to keep warm. As most people do not want to stay out in the cold for too long, tools such as a log splitter machine was invented so that the choppers could easily cut and split open wood into smaller pieces of wood for sale. Many authority and well established sites are also widely marketed in freedom of information directories such as the foi directory under the foi business section that lists all these sites with excellent reviewed products. In a nutshell, the media, heralded and lauded as the fourth estate, can be relied upon to convey the cardinal, unsullied truth. Such untruth has caught up to people who hear of murders and gunshots everyday that have led them to purchase weaponary and store their pistols and guns at home in a pistol safe that would be very handy in the event of a burglary. Companies that sells such safe are making a lot of money but people need to know that streets are still safe out there with police patrolling the town areas every other day. However, it can only be done so through the cooperation of consum-ers, as the general populace and the media are two sides to a coin, and are inextricably entwined.

The use of the television, which has been an increasingly important tool of mass media, and which plays a huge role in shaping public opinion, has led to many controversial debates over the years. In south east asia, the country of Singapore has gained solid ground in establishing itself as a hub of many facets. Wedding couples have greatly benefited from online brides portals where they can easily view photos of wedding photography Singapore of professional photographers in Singapore. Gradual increased exposure into these portfolios online have resulted in much higher conversions for photography freelancers as well. These ways of marketing has led to ipods and iphones gaining in huge popularity among teenagers who often use their phones these days to browse online and surf sites like myspace as schools often block such social sites and some even actually do a search for and you wonder why would college teens look up on such stuff regarding loans as they are having problems funding their monthly home rentals. Those without such phones can still unblock myspace through a myspace proxy that tunnels users underground bypassing all the firewalls that were put in place. Users who are prone to losing their ipods would suffer from sadness after losing their whole lot of songs and music in there as these are often shared by friends and they may never recover the music once lost. Hence it has been an awesome experience and joy for the discovery of data transfer from ipod to computer through the itunes channel to quickly share their music with their friends. This way they can feel at peace that their beloved sound tracks are safe. Many feel strongly about television reflecting the state of our modern society in a bad light, while others feel instead that the television is merely a form of entertainment, and its programmes do not carry any connotations. Speaking of which, we came across an interesting airtime that revealed how married women who got stucked at having their eggs fertilised now have hope with pregnancy miracle that unleash the powerful miracles of ways to get pregnant. Due to the impact of tv showcasing many tempting products, it is no wonder why people are spending more than they could afford that they had to take advance loans from established companies setup for this purpose which boasts of over a few million clients that has been enriched from their loans. As globalization takes place, and society continues to progress, television programmes continue to be moulded to suit the society it is presented in, and it hence reflects the state of our modern society and its culture. This has led to a surge in foreign players entering the market to create a reverse phone lookup centre that enables celebrity fans to easily track down their idols by running a search on reverse phone lookup services. These services are based on open book knowledge as well as closed networks containing the private details of these people. However, the image it reflects may not necessarily be one of extreme ugliness, because of the diversity of television programmes that considers different aspects of the state of our society, and not just its ugly image presented through the television.

The television aptly reflects our modern society and its culture, because it has become largely representative of what takes place in our daily lives. For example, the serial drama series ‘24’ depicts terrorism and, at times, the government’s inability to deal with it – which, to a small extent, is an accurate demonstration of our modern society. Yet again, there are different types of tv shows, some comedy shows such as futurama often bring laughter peace and joy into a gloomy family. One user has often gone online and playback his episodes in high definition quality. This form of streaming certainly does bring about convenience to users who wants to be entertained only during their free time. Most television shows are made to tell true stories that we deal with in reality, that is, crime, violence, education, and the chaos present in the world. Kids who are bored at home have now turned their hands to creating state of the art rapping music by using a tool known as sonic producer, a sophisticated piece of equipment that has been simplified for easy usage to rap up beats. What takes place is a vicious cycle: harmful events happen in reality, television producers develop concepts out of these real events, it appears on television, some parts of the viewing public are influenced and such real events are emulated, and they then appear on television again, taking the form of fiction, because this is what the audience wants to see.